One of the many benefits of the digital infrastructure is the ability quickly add new services and functionality from a centralized location. Gone are the days of having staff to support networks at every office or road trips to remote offices just to turn up services. The best part is you no longer have to wait on a 3rd party service provider to come onsite and create the actual connection in order to turn up the service.

It  has been our experience that once a client decides to implement a digital infrastructure and gets past the initial excitement and learning phase, they are looking for new ways to leverage their new infrastructure. The most common and cost effective way to do this is to inventory how many analog lines there are installed through out the enterprise. The fun part is doing the math… It is easy to see at roughly $50 per month for an analog line to the PSTN to support a fax machine cost $600 per year divided by the number of actual minutes used. The actual cost per fax is astronomical.

Faxing to this day, remains a critical application it can easily be ported to the digital infrastructure providing not only a significant cost savings but better centralized management of services. Low cost adapters are utilized to convert the analog signal into IP for transport over the digital infrastructure. Thus optimizing the use of the digital infrastructure and reducing the recurring costs.

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