Today Systems Integrator’s are faced with many technical hurdles and associated costs when growing new business. Cloud based service offerings are eroding traditional service revenues as clients move towards the cloud to reduce costs. The Systems Integrator must remain in front of the client as much as possible to continue to provide services and generate billable hours.

Our ManagEdge Service program is designed specifically for the Systems Integrator who is looking to find new ways to grow revenues without investing time and money into developing a platform and managing it. The program is designed to support VoIP and data services as a “snap in” to the client network. The ManagEdge Service targets voice service enablement and includes SBC hardware and access to a dedicated management portal for the System Integrator to directly support each client. In essence taking back control of the Demarc for voice services while ensuring the Quality of Service to the enterprise client. 

Alarming and Threshold triggers can be set and reporting enabled giving the System Integrator a complete view of the client voice network while retaining Level-1 support to the client. Remotely troubleshoot client voice and data connectivity problems without involving the client 24/7 automatically. Understand what the issues are before they become one, proactively manage your clients without the cost of building a NOC or staffing it. Installation services are optional if needed at nominal rates.

Add new VoIP recurring revenue services while reducing the client’s recurring costs including analog fax lines. Further entrench your service offering into your client’s business and increase revenues. Our ManagEdge Service is the competitive advantage you have been looking for to remain viable within the “Cloud as a Service” economy.

Click on the link below for an informative PDF that goes into more details about our ManagEdge Service.