VoIP Gateway

With over two decades of expertise in signaling and voice technology, Synway VoIP gateway family helps customers access to IP networks from legacy telephony applications more reliably and efficiently. Our field-proven PSTN/IP signaling technology possesses unparalleled and seamless interoperability with any complex network environments, which exponentially reduces your investments and time to markets under any uncertain situations.


Transcoding Gateway

With the popularity of IP communications, increasing need for transcoding between various protocols and coding formats becomes more important. Large-capacity VoIP applications call for high efficient transcoding functionality. Normally, designated hardware-enabled transcoding equipment, not software-based, would be the best option for high demanding VoIP carrier.


Recording Server

ATP 2400 Recording Server is a stand-alone, cost-effective and multi-feature call recording solution which supports 24 analog channels and possesses web-based interface for users to configure logging modes and search logging files. 


Call Recording HW/SW

As one of world’s leading manufacturers for recording hardwares, Synway offers a wide range of product portfolios for use in all kinds of recording applications including call recording and call logging in legislature, call centers, financial dealing, and control/command operations. Our analog/digital boards are equipped with multiple voice-processing capabilities like G.729, GSM, G.711 A-law, μ-law, Linear PCM, IMA-ADPCM, MP3, VOX format etc.


NGN Switching Platform

Multimedia Switcher SPBX adopts the latest NGN-IP SoftSwithing technology and opens a new milestone to maximize network value for SPs and application developers. Main advantage of softswitching is its BLL and Control Layer’s complete independence from equipment, which reduces time to market and introduces innovative applications more effectively. Tailored to satisfy diverse customers’ needs, the SPBX enables users to develop a range of applications.


Multimedia Platform

Synway UMCT series is an open programmable, integrated multimedia switch platform with multimedia processing and signaling capabilities. In addition to rich media resources, the switch platform helps bridge existing wired and wireless networks with IP networks, and integrates for IP (SIP and H.323)/TDM (SS7/ISDN/CAS)/mobility protocols with IVR, fax, conferencing, compression, echo cancellation and other media processing resources.


HMP, VoIP & TDM Boards

Synway has been leading the CTI industry since the past twenty years, and has won much recognition from worldwide partners. Its field-proven IP & TDM hardware platform offers powerful media processing and signaling capability with rich on-board DSP resources. With multiple resources, our voice boards are based on pure all-in-one architechture and allows for various customizations.


Asterisk Hardware

Based on two decades of expertise in voice & signaling technology, Synway has been committed to introducing advanced hardware know-how including DSP algorithm, echo cancellation and DMA to bring state-of-the-art Asterisk-based telephony interface boards for use in a variety of open source IP-PBX applications. 


Localization System

Synway localization system supports a variety of mobile protocols, including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE network protocols, and includes active and passive categories to adapt to different application environments and customer needs. The localization system uses the intelligent terminal as the backend controller and features user-friendly, high security and portability, high response and accuracy, efficient localization guidance, and low power consumption in any extreme situations.