Session Border Controllers (SBC) terminate SIP trunks from your service provider and protect your internal network very much like a firewall does for your data network. The SBC also performs  functions like mediation between TCP & UDP and trans-coding between various codecs.

The Gateway, very simply takes legacy digital and analog signals and converts them for transport over TCP/IP based networks. The most common use case is to connect legacy PBXs to VoIP networks or fax machines to SIP trunks to reduce recurring costs.

Regardless of the use case, we have the experience and expertise to implement and/or project manage the installation of enterprise SBCs and Gateways from several different manufacturers. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various platforms and how they can benefit your organization. The SBC/GW is the second most critical component of your voice network next to the iPBX and is probably the most understood. Why go it alone?