PacketViper Software

Engineered to address the problem of network traffic volume, PacketViper provides an essential layer of network security to filter out illegitimate traffic unlike firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEMS or other existing solutions.

With PacketViper you bring the power of the leading in-line Advanced Perimeter Defense software to the edge of your network to address the traffic volume problem before it hits your firewall, IDS/IPS and SIEM solutions. This traffic-centric approach leverages best-in-class perimeter defense technology so you can get the most from your your essential downstream applications and devices.

With 100% of its computing and processing power dedicated to reducing illegitimate, malicious traffic, PacketViper solutions dramatically reduce network traffic by up to 70%, while both identifying and reducing threats with surgically precise Advanced Perimeter Defense software.


Cloud Protection

Eliminate unwanted traffic into your VPC environment by adding PacketViper Cloud. A simple implementation that starts protecting and improving the quality of service within your VPC. Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows you to create network segments similar to a traditional network. PacketViper can protect instances within your VPC using Amazon's Elastic Public IP addresses (EIP).

Hardware Solutions

For the on-premise client, we offer hardware with options for multi-gateway, enterprise connectivity, full redundancy and fail through capability. We scaled our hardware products to fit any size business and budget, from the fully redundant enterprise model PV-310 down to the small form factor desktop model PV-50.

Enterprise Manager

PacketViper Enterprise Manager (PEM) Add-on is supported on PacketViper Standard Edition software, our advanced IP filtering solution platform. The software’s intuitive, web-based interface delivers superior ease-of-use, enabling you to be more efficient in performing everyday management tasks across the PacketViper enterprise.  

VMZ/Virtual Minefield Zone

PacketViper customers can build a Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) to create a nearly impenetrable and deceptive defense perimeter and treacherous path for connections working outside of normal operating ranges.

The VMZ leverages the network administrator's advantage - that being their intimate knowledge of the network - to create traps, gather intelligence, filter and recycle stale threat sources. The VMZ can very easily be configured to dynamically deceive and impose harsh penalties on sources or destinations that stray from allowed network paths.



PacketViper advanced dynamic defense and deception technology is a unique approach to cyber security that has changed the security paradigm towards more proactive cyber-defense. PacketViper can easily deploy target rich deception layers at the perimeter and the interior for attackers to be lured, detected, tripped up, and blocked. Our decoys and sensors are not exploitable services with weak security- rather - perform a brief interaction, with immediate action.